Swindled! The Secret World of Cheats and Con Men

Let Me Cheat Your Friends.

And I’ll Bet You My Entire Fee
They’ll Love It! …

I mean it. Your group will thoroughly enjoy my program, “Swindled!”… OR IT’S FREE.

Think about it. Would a con man ever make a bet he was gonna lose?

But, I figure I’d better be up-front about my honest business practices since this is a program about the shadowy world of cons and swindles.

Imagine this:

A smiling man (that’s me) … seemingly harmless…invites someone in your group to play a simple, little game.

That guy in your group who thinks he’s just a little smarter than everyone else … You know the one I mean? Let’s use him, shall we?

“This game is simple,” I explain. “It’s played with three shells and a little green pea. Your job is to keep your eye on the shell with the pea under it. Think you can do that?”

Oh, yeah. Mr. Smug is sure.

“Here we go,” I say as I move the shells around. Just a couple of times. No fast moves. Nothing confusing.

“And the pea is where?” I ask.

He points.

I lift.

…No pea.

Oh, the look on his face!

And suddenly everybody else shoots back in their chairs and bursts into laughter, relishing the “gotcha” moment!

Have you ever seen a real “grifter” at work?

I don’t mean in the movies…I mean in real life?

Have you ever played the shell game or the three-card monte? Ever heard of the grand daddy of the short con, the “Fast and Loose”? 
Ever seen somebody stack a perfect poker hand while shuffling a deck of cards?

Most people never have.

They’ve heard about such things. Seen it romanticized on film. But few folks in “polite society” have ever witnessed these secret, underground skills.

That’s because these sorts of shenanigans usually happen in dark corners. In those slightly murky areas on the edge of any public space where respectable folk have sense enough not to go.

But I grew up around this stuff.

I spent my formative years on carnival midways and horse tracks (my family was in the horse business). I was drawn to those charismatic men who used guile and powerful psychology to play people like puppets and take their money. They were a common fixture on the back-stretches of the horse tracks, and the back corners of the midways.

And as the “harmless crippled kid” nobody paid any attention to, I was able to watch them work.

I watched as these clever but heartless operators fleeced unsuspecting victims in dirty dice games, rigged rounds of “Razzle,” and murky matches of “Monte.”

I studied the psychology of the scam. I learned the art of the pitch and and fast talk. But I lacked the skills and the dexterity to actually do the work. So I apprenticed under a magician for nearly a decade to develop a set of wicked flim-flam fingers.

So, now I can share this hidden world with your group…
Much to their delight!

They’ll have a rip-roarin’ good time as they get safely conned. Safe, because no money is at stake.

You can let ’em peek into this dark, hidden world. Give them the opportunity to actually see these rare skills in action!

They’ll learn a thing or two as well:

  • How can you recognize the signs of a swindle and erect an “Anti-Fleecing Firewall”?
  • Who’s the only person who is absolutely, solidly “con-proof”?
  • How does a con-artist spot who’s ripe for ripping off, and whom to avoid like the plague?
  • How can anyone…yes, even you, my naive, innocent friend…spot a marked deck in 2 seconds?
  • PLUS: I’ll share a fun little bet you can make with your friends. You’ll win without cheating … yet your “mark” will be so convinced he’s got you, he’ll practically rip his pocket yanking out his wallet to cover this one. Just promise me you’ll only do it for free drinks or a stake small enough you’ll both enjoy the fun.
  • And more!

This program is perfect for…

  • Sales meetings
  • Management meetings
  • Social hour / Cocktail hour
  • Receptions
  • Business open houses
  • Sales promotions (Ask me about tie-ins with your marketing message!)
  • Trade show booths
  • Hospitality suites
  • Casino nights (see below for a fun story about a casino night caper I pulled!)
  • Festivals
  • House parties
  • Bed & Breakfasts
  • Service club programs
  • Psychology classes

The best settings are either sitting around a table…or with the group in tiered seating as I sit at a table down in front.

It’s also perfect for “mingling events,” where people are milling about. Throughout your event I simply do many demonstrations for small clusters of folks.

It can work for larger groups, especially if you have a video camera and a large screen on hand. But we can also make other accommodations for your circumstances too. Just ask.

So, if this sounds fun, here’s what to do now…

Pretty simple, really. Just get in touch with me. We need to make sure I’m even available on the date of your event. And you probably have a few questions to ask me before you’re absolutely sure this is the best option for you.

So give me a call now, or send me a text or email. We’ll get the ball rolling. Here’s how…

PHONE OR TEXT: (636) 686-0861
EMAIL: Doc@DocAnderson.com

Remember: there’s only one of me. And there’s only one date for your event. But there are hundreds of other folks holding events on that date. Don’t miss out because some other smart cookie booked me first! Get hold of me today.

P.S. Here’s that “Casino Night” story I promised you:

This would’ve been in about 2005 or so. I was hired by The ARC (Association for Retarded Citizens) of Story County, IA to be part of their Casino Night. A fundraiser. This, of course, is a night where you run casino games with play money. At the end of the night there’s an auction of donated items. People use their winnings to bid on items they want. So the play money does have some real value.

There were basically three types people at this event. Financial supporters of The ARC, people with mental retardation and developmental disabilities (known in those circles as MRDD), and family & support staff that were assisting the adults with MRDD.

The ARC had asked to do street gambling games like the three card monte and the shell game. I thought it was a worthy cause, so I said yes.

I’d been working for a couple hours when up came a gentleman…about 35…with MRDD. I showed him how the Three Card Monte works…how he’s supposed to keep his eye on one particular card as I mix all three of them around.

Because of my skills, I can control what people win, and how fast or how slow they win it.

So I engineered things so he won a little bit, lost a little bit, and so on. Just to make it exciting for him. I saw we were gathering a bit of a crowd. A lot of ARC donors and support staff were taking an interest. It was time to have a bit of fun.

By now, he’d won a nice wad of casino cash, and was feeling pretty proud of himself. I asked, “Are you ready to BIG WIN?”

He was.

I mixed the cards. When I finished I pointed to a particular card and really pushed the idea that “this card is the one you want to put your money on!” He happily jumped on my tip and dropped all his money on that card.

Thing was…to everybody else watching, this card was OBVIOUSLY the wrong card!

Instantly, every other adult there practically sprained their wrists to keep him from making such a terrible mistake.

I glared at the good Samaritans and growled, “This is a player’s game, not a spectator’s game. He’s the one with the money on the table. His vote is the only one that counts!”

Then I turned to the man and in a honeyed voice asked, “Now which card are you going to go with, son?”

Well, he stuck to his guns and kept his money on this “wrong” card.

At this point, every other adult there was looking at me like I was the scum of the earth! I was obviously taking advantage of this poor, developmentally disabled man. Suddenly, I was Lucifer incarnate!

It was now the moment of truth. I invited the man to turn over his chosen card.

You could hear the gasps as he reached for it. But when he turned the card over, it WAS the winner, and he just doubled his money! He let out an unrestrained whoop of triumph! I happily gave him his money and congratulated him on his amazing good luck

And suddenly all the adults realized the real swindle was on them. The man with MRDD got to be the hero. He just outsmarted all these other adults in his life! And the look of pride on his face was priceless.

And that is called, “using your powers for good.”

Hope you enjoyed the story. It’s one of my fondest memories.

OK. Again, if you’re thinking of having me do my presentation for your group, just give me a call, a text or an email. You really will have a good time with it. Remember…I guarantee it!