Special Offer

Would You Like To Give Your Group
A Fascinating Program
Like No Other They’ll Ever See?

If so, you’ve landed on the right page!

As you can see from my bio and the other information on this web site, I’m a walking encyclopedia of fascinating … and quickly disappearing … skills and abilities.

I’ve learned tricks of the trade from the last of more than one dying breed. Skills I’ve researched from the yellowed pages of dusty, old books. Pearls of wisdom I’ve gleaned from members of a broad range of “hidden communities” like

  • Gamblers (including the crooked kind)
  • Con Men
  • Carnies
  • Magicians
  • Fortune Tellers
  • Psychics
  • Spirit Mediums

If your group is like most of the others I’ve entertained,

they’ll be fascinated with this stuff!

… and I’m offering a special opportunity exclusively for service organizations and church groups:

Here’s a chance to get a free program for one of your regular meetings.

Is it a challenge for you to find good programs every month (or maybe for you, it’s every week)? As a past club officer myself, I feel your pain. So…

Let me ease your pain … for one meeting, anyway.

You do good work for the community. So I’ll be happy to give you a fascinating program at one of your regular meetings. Shoot! I’ll even give you a choice of programs! No matter which one you choose, I think you and your group are gonna be delighted. BUT…

I’ll admit to you right now, I have an ulterior motive. I’ll tell you what it is in a moment. But first, Here are the programs I’m offering:

I have Fascinating stories to tell. YOU Choose…

Stories of the Gamblers and Con Men: Ever wonder why classic cons and swindles still work on people today?

Find out just how easily people can be cheated. With all the information we have at our fingertips today, you’d think people wouldn’t fall for old chestnuts like the three card monte and the shell game … but they do, and I can prove it. Have you ever seen someone stack a deck of cards while they shuffle them? Learn how con men use psychology to fleece their marks and why a fool and their money were darned lucky to get together in the first place.

… or

Stories of the Psychics and Spirit Mediums: Want to hear about one of the “spookiest” periods in history?

In the late 19th century, a LOT of people saw ghosts. Were they just more gullible back then? I’ll share surprising facts that show why people then weren’t as superstitious as it seems. And I’ll even demonstrate some of the ways mediums proved they were in contact with the spirits of the dead!

Whichever program you think will interest your group the most, you’ll be getting a little bit of the actual shows and presentations I usually get paid good money to perform (after all, performing is how I make my living).

And whichever program you choose, you pay nothing! At least not in dollars.

So, Why Am I Being So Generous?

A minute ago I told you I have an ulterior motive. Here it is:

This is how I let people know about what I do.

That’s right, good old networking. (After all, people can’t hire me if they don’t know I exist, right?)

And, as old-fashioned as it sounds in today’s world of email and social media, I’ve found there’s still nothing more powerful than a handshake and a smile face-to-face.

How’s that for an honest answer?

But just because this is how I meet people doesn’t mean I can’t help you out in the process.

I get to meet new people and
you get something interesting and fun
for your next meeting>

Not only that, but will make you look like a hero!

How’s THAT for win-win?

Enough About That.
Let’s Get Back To Helping You
With A Fascinating Program For Your Group.

Did you figure out which program you’d like me to do for you?

If you have questions about any of them, I’d be happy to answer them for you. Just send me a text, an email, or better yet…give me a call.

We’ll get all your questions answered, check my calendar…

…and within a few minutes, you can put a big, satisfying check mark by that item on your to-do list: “Find Program For _____ Club.”

That’ll feel great, won’t it?

Go ahead and get hold of me now at:

TEXT or PHONE: (636) 686-0861
EMAIL: Doc@DocAnderson.com

Remember, this special FREE PROGRAM offer is ONLY for one of your REGULAR weekly or monthly meetings. If you want a program for your annual banquet, or for a special occasion, I have to charge for that.

Fair enough?