Fun Programs For Kids

Leave All The Children At Your Party
Beaming With Enthusiastic Glee!

In a moment I’ll tell you about the three kinds of birthday party programs I offer. But first, let’s remember … no matter which service you have me perform, you and I both want the same thing:

  • We want kids quivering with so much excitement they can hardly contain it!
  • We want to hear giggles, bursts of happy laughter…even occasional shouts of delight!
  • We want to see your child smiling with pride that his or her party is so cool!



And we also both want to avoid the same things:

  • We don’t want all this kid energy getting out of hand.
  • We don’t them breaking things or hurting each other.

In short, we want to the watch the video of this party 10 years from now and remember how perfect it was. Am I right?


THAT’S what I do for you when you invite me to your party.

And if you’re the kind of parent I think you are … one who really cares about helping your child have great childlike fun AND who insists on the safety of all the kids at the party … please understand:

Not everybody who can do a magic trick, put on clown makeup or twist a balloon animal has what it takes to engineer SAFE AND SILLY FUN.

It Takes An Entertainer With
Lots Of “Kid Sense” To Do This Well.

Doc Applebees 1

I Have This Magical Way With Kids…

… developed over 30 years and thousands of shows (including six years of doing programs in elementary schools and a decade of fairs and festivals) …

… of engineering the situation so kids WANT to react EXACTLY THE WAY I WANT THEM TO.


Watch the kids when I perform at your child’s birthday party. You’ll see them lean in closer and closer…get more and more excited…until they just HAVE to gush with glee and launch into laughter! Then keep watching … because, the next thing they’ll do is settle back down and re-develop rapt attention.

It’s like waves building, then crashing onto the shore, then washing back into the ocean.

The kids will just think the magic tricks are awesome. (The nine-year-old me would’ve loved my show!) But as a parent, you’ll also appreciate my kid management mojo.

Here Are The Party Packages You Can Choose From:


This is the simplest of all. I show up and make balloon animals for all the kids. But is it really as simple as it looks?

The Secret Behind Why My Balloon Sculptures
Are So Important To The Kids

I know birthday party magicians who bring their balloon sculptures pre-made. You know, “to save time.” They’re in a big garbage bag. They’re all the same “so the kids don’t fight over who got the better balloon.” At the end of the show they just reach in the bag and hand ’em out to the kids. Can you believe it?

Obviously, they think of balloons as just a thing. To them, the balloon is about… the balloon.

Well, I don’t do “McBalloons!”

If you’ve ever watched me make balloon animals at outdoor events, you’ll know that the secret isn’t in the balloon. It’s in the attention I pay to each child as I’m making his or her balloon!

I tease them. Joke with them. Listen to them. For those few moments that child in front of me is the most important person in my world. So…

The balloon becomes a memento of our special time together. There’s a mini relationship invested in that balloon. It’s the token of a special time when an adult made that child feel special.

C’mon…Do you really want me to just pull a wiener dog out of a garbage bag and stick it in your kid’s hands?

How much time will BALLOONS! BALLOONS! BALLOONS!!! take?

That depends on how many kids are at the party. I figure it usually takes about two minutes for each balloon sculpture, so I’ll let you do the math.

Another important thought.

By it’s nature, making balloon sculptures means kids are waiting in line for their turn. Some sensitive parents want to avoid the “pain” of waiting by planning other activities at the same time. Not a bad instinct. But there are ways to do this well, and then there are…well…the other ways.

Call me and I’ll give you some tips on how to make this a positive time, and not a negative experience.

B. THE MAGIC SHOW … (with balloons of course!)

I arrive with my case full of magic props. (As I come in you’ll notice I walk with a limp. That’s OK. I’ve noticed it too. 😉 I have cerebral palsy which makes me walk funny. Yeah, the kids’ll notice at first. But once we get into the magic, they’ll totally forget. So will you. In fact, so will I, ’cause we’ll all be having too much fun!)

We find a place in your house where I can set up the show, and the kids can sit on the floor in front of me…just like they would for an assembly program at school. (You probably know just the spot already. Can you see ’em gathered around me there? Can you hear them chattering excitedly, asking me questions about what we’re going to do?)

Once everybody’s gathered, we launch into a fun 20-25 minute “stand up” kid-comedy magic show. There’ll be several chances for kids to come up on stage and be part of the show. And of course, the birthday child is featured in the big finale!

Now it’s time for balloons! (You can read the section above to see what that’s all about.)

By the time I’m done giving each child a balloon, you’ll have received 40-50 minutes of Safe & Silly Fun!


This is the most exciting way for kids to experience magic!

Instead of doing a “stand up” show, the children and I gather around a table. In fact, don’t think of it as a “show” at all…What we’re really doing is PLAYING TOGETHER for 20-25 minutes!

I bring out my toys and the kids and I make magic happen. In fact, most of the time, the kids feel like they’re doing the magic!

I use magic to let the kids bask in their “kid-ness.” You’ll marvel at how they become totally absorbed in the experience!

After we’re done playing with magical toys, I bring out the balloons. Each child receives his or her own balloon creation, made right there…just for him or her.

Of course, the birthday child receives the most elaborate and special balloon creation!

Not only that, but each child receives an 8-page mini newspaper filled with instructions for over 25 fun tricks they can do at home plus jokes, puzzles and stunts with everyday objects they can find at home.

All told, it’ll be about 40-50 minutes of total fun!

THIS is the experience that will really create those memories you and your child will cherish for years to come.

Here’s What To Do Now…

Does this sound good? Feel right? Then all you need to do now is get in touch with me. Ask all your questions, THEN decide if my show is the right thing for your child’s party.

Here’s how:

TEXT & PHONE: 636-686-0861