Haunted! The Hidden World of Seances and Spirit Mediums

Do you believe in ghosts?

After seeing this … you just might!

Take a fascinating peek behind the curtain, into the world of seances and spirit mediums. Join Doc Anderson as he explores this shadowy world and reveals some of it’s most closely guarded secrets. Then watch as he recreates the “perfect storm” of events in the late 1800s that allowed Spiritualism to explode upon the world stage until it ultimately redefined how we see ghosts even today.

  • Learn how early spirit mediums convinced clients they could speak with the dead!
  • See the methods of some of the most notorious frauds exposed!
  • Experience what it was like to attend an actual seance!

There is no other program like it!

It’s part history, part theater, part thrill ride … and a LOT of fun!

“That was the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen! How are you even able to DO that?”
– Sue Jensen, Des Moines IA

Ghosts and ghost stories have been around for as long as people have wondered, “what happens when we die?” And every culture has some kind of belief in spirits and the afterlife. But it took those crazy Victorians of the 19th century to turn it into a viral phenomenon that swept the globe!

Take your guests on a trip back in time …
to the days when newspapers mattered and ghosts were real!

It’s a uniquely American chapter of history that started in a tiny log cabin in upstate New York in 1863 and spread like wildfire until it had captured the imaginations of the entire world!

Now you can experience it for yourself.

Watch as I use actual turn-of-the-century methods to:

  • Demonstrate a medium’s sensitivity and connection with the Summerland (the place Victorians believed the spirits dwell).
  • Establish contact with the spirits by relaying information from them I could not otherwise know.
  • Answer questions from sitters (people attending a seance) just as it would have been done a century ago.

“He appeared to have read my mind. I’m quite literally stunned! Doc is not only brilliant at what he does but very entertaining as he goes about doing it.”
– Martin Widowson, Ames IA

Will YOU see the same ghosts your great grandparents did?

It’s easy to think that people back then were just more gullible than we are today; and to just paint mediumship and spiritualism with broad brush strokes of fraud and willful deception. But the real history is far more complex and interesting.

As a matter of fact, I presented this for members of the Iowa Skeptics Society. Afterwards several people told me they finally understood WHY so many intelligent and well-educated people back then genuinely believed in ghosts.

“You’re a cheat and a fake … VERY entertaining!”
– James Randi, JREF

But this isn’t some dry, dusty lecture.

Haunted! The Hidden World of Seances and Spirit Mediums is full of …

  • Hands-on demonstrations that let people experience for themselves what it must have been like to attend a seance.
  • Hilarious stories about actual seances and mediums that are just too crazy to be made up. And
  • Surprising revelations that will change forever how you think about ghosts.

This is a one-of-a-kind peek into the world of seances and spirit mediums

Few are ever allowed to learn the real secrets of the spirit mediums. It is a shadowy world veiled in secrecy and carefully kept out of the public eye.

I know because I grew up with it.

My mother was a psychic and a spirit medium. From palm reading and crystal gazing, to pendulums, talking boards (Ouija), Tarot cards, spirit messages and full seances, she taught me how all of them REALLY worked and how they’ve been used for over a century. Later, what she taught me would give me access to even more sources of inside information that were otherwise unavailable to the general public.

Now I can give your group a peek into this hidden world

They’ll have the time of their life as they have a genuine seance experience. And it’s something they’ll be able to tell all their friends about on Facebook.

And along the way they’ll learn a thing or two as well

  • What were seances really like?
  • What happened during a seance?
  • Were there different kinds of seances and mediums?
  • Is it true there was some kind secret network of spirit mediums back then?
  • How did Hollywood and the media influence seances?
  • How did Spiritualism fit into religious beliefs at the time?
  • What did the science of the day have to say about ghosts and Spiritualism?
  • How was Spiritualism connected to other social movements of its day?
  • Weren’t all mediums exposed as fakers and frauds?

The best part is YOU will get all the credit
for finding such a unique, compelling, and entertaining program!

It’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to actually see these rare skills demonstrated for the general public.

This program is perfect for …

  • Libraries
  • Historical Societies
  • Home Parties
  • Social Hours / Cocktail Hours
  • Psychic Fairs
  • Bed & Breakfasts
  • Service Club Programs
  • Psychology Classes

The best settings for this program are tiered or theater seating (rows of chairs with an aisle down the middle) for larger groups.

For smaller groups, sitting around one or more tables works just fine (don’t worry, I’ll keep the lights on and they don’t have to hold hands).

But I can also make other accommodations for your circumstances too. Just ask.

So if this sounds fun, here’s what to do now…

Pretty simple really. Just get in touch with me. We need to make sure I’m even available on the date of your event. And you probably have a few questions to ask me before you’re absolutely sure this is the best option for you.

So give me a call now, or send me a text or email.
We’ll get the ball rolling. Here’s how…

TEXT or PHONE (636) 686-0861
Email: doc@docanderson.com

Remember: there’s only one of me. And there’s only one date for your event. But there are hundreds of other folks holding events on that date. Don’t miss out because someone else booked me first! Get hold of me today.